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Top Ten Reasons to go Cellular with Grid Net

Grid Net is the worldwide leader in cellular smart grid deployments.

A fundamentally different approach to the smarter grid

After several years of stimulus-funded mesh meter reading projects, it’s safe to say that the considerable expense doesn’t equate to lasting benefits for the utility or their customers.

Grid Net offers a fundamentally different approach to the smarter grid, one predicated on demonstrating value from day one and ensuring that an investment in the PolicyNet pays dividends for years to come. The smarter grid begins with cellular smart grid deployments with Grid Net.

What Grid Net delivers Why Grid Net is different
Flexible deployments Grid Net’s use of cellular data networks means that both devices and applications can be deployed whenever and wherever they add value. See significant returns without a full mesh deployment.
Fast implementation Unlike mesh-based systems, there’s no need to build a stand-alone network infrastructure. Plug in a Grid Net-enabled device and it begins transmitting valuable information immediately.
Broadband communications Mesh-based systems are the equivalent of AOL dialup in an always-on broadband world. Cellular data plans are comparable to the cost of mesh now, but with 10x performance and capabilities.
Intelligence on every device Grid Net-enabled devices have high-speed network connections, ample memory and processing power, and intelligent software that allows them to make and communicate decisions in real-time.
Live streaming information Utilities are able to stream real-time power quality measurements to their back office systems and consumption readings to customers in their homes.
Application-based focus Grid Net extends the life of legacy back office systems, delivers immediate value when deploying today’s grid applications, and is architected for future high-bandwidth, low-latency applications.
Centrally-managed, highly-distributed architecture Grid Net-enabled devices behave according to the rules utilities define and automatically report when planned or unplanned changes alter their state. The state of the grid is always known.
Strict security throughout Security can’t be an afterthought or bolted-on at the end. Grid Net designed the most comprehensive security implementation and then had it built-in from day one. Peace of mind comes standard.

Grid Net is more than just fundamentally different, it’s fundamentally better too.

Grid Net is looking for utilities and partners who share our vision of tomorrow.
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