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Top Ten Reasons to go Cellular with Grid Net

Grid Net is the worldwide leader in cellular smart grid deployments.

The smarter grid is a cellular smart grid

The electric grid is transforming from a static arrangement of mechanical devices to a dynamic array of highly intelligent and extremely capable networked devices. This smarter grid will quickly become one of the world’s most complex machine-to-machine networks, necessitating a degree of coordination and automation between markets and machines that mirrors the complexity of the internet and telecommunications networks. This is much, much bigger than meter reading.

Mesh-based metering systems promise the barely adequate delivery of six-hour-old data to the utility and day-old data to their consumers. Furthermore, today’s Advanced Metering (AMI) and Demand Response (DR) applications are typically proprietary and stand-alone implementations, which makes them costly to integrate into the back office and even more difficult to coordinate in the field. Security is almost always an afterthought. Needless to say, this approach is ill-prepared and insufficient for the demands of an always-on smarter grid.

The smarter grid means millions of smart grid devices making billions of decisions every second.

In contrast, the PolicyNet is a highly-distributed, centrally-managed smart grid network operating system. It is purpose-built to securely manage grid devices and advanced grid applications on broadband networks. The ubiquity and high-performance of IP-based cellular networks allows Grid Net-enabled devices to communicate quickly and efficiently, both to the back office and neighbor devices.

With the PolicyNet in place, utilities deploy and holistically manage applications for grid operations like the Grid Net Advanced Metering (AMI), Demand Response Load Control (DRLC), Distribution Monitoring & Control (DM&C), and Premise Area Networking (PAN) Applications. Not only do multiple applications work in concert on each device, they also work in unison across the entire grid. This is the promise of the smarter grid, and only Grid Net delivers it today.

This is a revolutionary change in the way utilities think about and perform grid operations. Savvy utilities all around the world are already unlocking massive value from the intelligence it provides. Grid Net offers a fundamentally different approach to the smarter grid.

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