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Advanced Metering

The PolicyNet Advanced Metering Application is deployed on the PolicyNet Platform. Because the PolicyNet Platform uses point-to-point cellular networks, every PolicyNet-enabled device with the AMI Application adds immediate value the moment it is installed.

The PolicyNet AMI Application provides a scalable means to report data from PolicyNet-enabled smart meters, including:

  • Time of Use (TOU) or Demand register data for monthly or quarterly billing
  • Load Profile interval data for retail market settlement, load control sub-metering, load shaping, distribution capacity analysis, power quality analysis and control, and network planning and design operations
  • Power Quality data instantaneous Voltage, power factor, low potential, leading kVArh, Voltage sag/swell, and more

Additionally, remote service switch connect/disconnect is accomplished via secure policy controls. Dual-authorization can be required to deploy disconnect policies, given the potential for harm if misused.

In addition to traditional metering, PolicyNet-enabled smart meters are advanced distribution network grid sensors that provide Distribution Monitoring & Control functionality in the form of real-time quality of service, service reliability, and service safety information, as well as instantaneous consumption data used for Demand Response Load Control activities.

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