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Demand Response Load Control

The PolicyNet Demand Response Load Control (DRLC) Application is deployed on the PolicyNet Platform. Because the PolicyNet Platform uses point-to-point cellular networks, every PolicyNet-enabled device with the DRLC Application adds immediate value the moment it is installed.

PolicyNet-enabled DREDs (Demand Response Enabling Devices) help reduce energy consumption when demand is highest. Policy-based demand response mechanisms intelligently respond when needed based on instantaneous information available to the device as opposed to only when directed by operators in the back office. These mechanisms include both the ability to curtail power consumption or start on-site power generation.

In coordination with the PolicyNet Distribution Monitoring & Control (DM&C) Application, PolicyNet-enabled DREDs also allow utilities to shape load by detecting over- and under-loaded portions of their network and rebalance load through switch controls.

The PolicyNet DRLC Application provides intelligent automation to reduce operational costs, extend the life of grid assets, and eliminate the need for peak power plants.

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