Grid Net’s ecosystem partners include its global software product resellers, technology component and firmware suppliers, and product design manufacturers


The Internet of Things is by definition an ecosystem of machines, from simple sensors to sophisticated smart meters.  Each thing needs to communicate in a secure, safe, and reliable way with its cloud based systems, and with other things. 

Our secure, proven, open standards compliant, PolicyNet software products are built in close collaboration with our Ecosystem Partners and their customers.

We are all working together to help shape, create, and shepherd the emerging Internet of Things.


PolicyNet SmartGrid – Smart Grid Applications Software
  • Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions platform as a service
  • AusNet Service AMI public / private 4G wireless network
PolicyNet M2M – IoT Internetworking Platform Software
  • Verizon M2M Managed Services
  • KDDI M2M Managed Services