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The Grid Net Platform does everything with speed and efficiency in mind. Why settle for a mesh-based system when the value and benefits of a Grid Net deployment are available at an even lower cost?

Operating a smarter grid at scale requires speed in two key areas:

  • The Grid Net Platform requires a robust, reliable, and real-time network — to, from, and between all devices. Telecom carriers are in the business of delivering extensive coverage and high quality services at competitive price points. With the saturation of cellular phones, wireless broadband is not only ubiquitous, there is also plenty of excess capacity. Grid Net’s efficient and optimized use of network resources ensures that communications costs are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Grid Net-enabled devices have ample memory and processing power to handle concurrent multiple grid applications today, with plenty of overhead for tomorrow’s even more demanding applications. Both Grid Net and trusted third party firmware can be updated over-the-air, which provides new functionality to older devices.

By definition, mesh-based systems require a full deployment of network infrastructure and enough adjacent devices to communicate with a single device. Grid Net’s use of cellular networks means that devices can be deployed wherever they add the most value. In fact, even a sparsely populated Grid Net-enabled meter deployment paints a vivid picture of the distribution grid. And since cellular networks are already in place, there’s no infrastructure to build before deploying Grid Net-enabled devices. Simply plug one in and it works.

Grid Net’s unique ability to quickly define, design, develop, and deploy new applications on the grid is a clear competitive advantage. Think about how much things have changed in the past five years, and then think about how different things will be in five, ten, or 15 years. Having a platform built for growth is a strategic imperative.

When Grid Net began building its Platform five years ago, this kind of speed was thought to be an unaffordable luxury. The smarter grid continues to evolve, and the Grid Net Platform will play a critical role in helping utilities quickly respond to change and new opportunities.

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