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Grid Net Launches PolicyNet SmartGrid Software Suite for the Next-Generation Smart Energy Grid

Signs Reseller Agreement with GE Energy and Announces First Major AMI Deployment with AusNet Services

San Francisco — October 22, 2009 — Grid Net, a leading provider of open standards-based, interoperable, advanced internetworking software and communications hardware product designs for the electric power industry’s Smart Grid network, today launched its PolicyNet SmartGrid software suite comprised of its SmartGrid Network Operating System™, PolicyNet SmartGrid Network Management System™, and PolicyNet SmartDevice™ Agents. The PolicyNet SmartGrid software is the first of its kind to provide utilities with an end-to-end, open standards-based, highly secure, distributed internetworking platform that enables advanced smart grid services to be efficiently deployed, managed, and controlled across millions of internetworked smart grid devices.

In addition, Grid Net announced its PolicyNet Reseller program with its first software reseller agreement with GE Energy, which is bundling PolicyNet with its WiMAX SmartMeter™ and SmartGrid Router™ product lines (based on hardware product reference designs licensed from Grid Net). AusNet Services, one of Australia’s largest publicly-listed energy delivery businesses, servicing more than one million customers, is the first utility to select Grid Net’s PolicyNet SmartGrid software platform as the cornerstone of its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation.

“AMI is all about developing a smarter electricity infrastructure, to help end-customers better manage their energy use and broaden the community’s ability to respond to climate change,” said John Steel, project director for AusNet Services’s AMI implementation. “We chose the PolicyNet SmartGrid software suite because it has been architected from the ground up to deliver a truly open, secure, reliable distributed networking software platform upon which to deliver Smart Grid Services on millions of smart grid devices across our entire service area. Moreover, we believe that PolicyNet SmartGrid software will enable us to cost-effectively implement and evolve our next generation smart energy grid infrastructure, enabling us to rapidly scale and evolve to the future changing needs of our customers and our industry.”

Centralized Smart Grid Management/Distributed Device Intelligence

The PolicyNet SmartGrid software enables utilities to centrally define enterprise policies (business rules, conditions, and actions) that deliver advanced smart grid services, and to securely deploy these policies for local enforcement on millions of semi-autonomous, networked smart grid devices — endowing a highly distributed, scalable, interactive, secure network of electric power transmission and distribution devices (including smart meters) with the intelligence and control capabilities necessary to deliver advanced smart grid services. Using PolicyNet, utilities can interconnect, manage and control networked Smart Grid devices (e.g., meters, capacitor bank controllers, fault monitors and reclosers, switches, voltage regulators), and enable their other operational and business support systems with an online, real-time, stateful view of the entire Smart Grid network. PolicyNet is currently available bundled with the GE WiMAX SmartMeter and SmartGrid Router family of products, which operate on the IEEE 802.16.e WiMAX wireless broadband communications platform.

“As one of the largest, most mission-critical network build-outs of all time, the Smart Grid requires secure, proven, scalable, open standards-based solutions,” said Ray Bell, CEO and founder of Grid Net. “Because PolicyNet offers utilities unprecedented, real-time monitoring and management of Smart Grid devices, we are delighted to collaborate with our smart grid ecosystem partners GE Energy, Landis+Gyr, Cisco Systems, Motorola, Intel, Clearwire, and Unwired Australia to bring this industry-leading, open market, smart grid networking solution to the utility industry, worldwide. AusNet Services’s recent decision to standardize its smart meter infrastructure implementation on Grid Net’s PolicyNet SmartGrid software is a true testament to the software platform’s many strengths, features, and capabilities.”

PolicyNet leverages leading, proven, government-certified advanced network- and application-level security algorithms, protocols, methods, and best practices to deliver an open standards-based, ‘government-grade’ security solution for networked Smart Grid devices. In addition, PolicyNet software is based on advanced policy-based networking technologies and protocols that have been proven within the telecommunications industry to enable the cost-effective and efficient provisioning, control, and management of millions of internetworked devices.

“Through our collaboration with GridNet, we are pleased to offer the PolicyNet suite of smart grid solutions, setting the standard for future smart grid performance,” said Bob Gilligan, vice president of GE Energy’s transmission and distribution business. “We applaud AusNet Services for being the first to adopt this cutting edge technology, which will enable the utility to enjoy the immediate benefits of smart metering, while providing them with a powerful platform to improve energy efficiencies, improve reliability, empower consumers with information and integrate cleaner energy sources.”

Open Standards for Smart Grid Interoperability and Ongoing Innovation

The PolicyNet SmartGrid software suite integrates easily with other utility enterprise systems via open standards-based interfaces, reducing systems integration complexity, cost, and time to deployment. PolicyNet’s extensible plug-in layer architecture provides a common service interface for smart metering, demand response, and other smart grid services, while enabling the deployment and management of these services across heterogeneous smart grid networks. PolicyNet’s core policy server engine is based upon the IETF Common Open Policy Service (COPS) and leading utility and advanced networking standards. PolicyNet’s open architecture ensures that utilities benefit from ongoing technology innovations, avoid proprietary vendor “lock-in”, and take advantage of best-of-breed Smart Grid solutions that ensure the lowest possible operating costs in both the short- and long-term.

About Grid Net

Founded in 2006, Grid Net is a leading provider of open, interoperable, policy-based network management software and communications products for the utility industry’s Smart Grid. Applying broadly adopted, proven innovations from enterprise software, embedded software and communications networking, Grid Net’s PolicyNet Smart Grid NMS™ software suite enables the delivery of secure, scalable and high-performing Smart Grid services, including Smart Metering and Distribution Automation. In 2008, Grid Net licensed its WiMAX SmartMeter and SmartGrid Router products to GE Energy, for use in GE’s advanced meter and router product family that is bundled with Grid Net’s PolicyNet software. Privately held Grid Net is backed by leading investors, including: Braemar Energy Ventures, Catamount Ventures, GE Energy Financial Services and Intel Capital.

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